Top 12 – 21st July 2021

On the 21st July 2021 there were 58,701 plugins in the plugin repository.

  • 17 fewer than in June.
  • The Top 12 by total downloads was the same as for June.
  • Total downloads for Akismet had exceeded 200 million.
  • 4 plugins require WordPress 5.8
  • Over 2.5 thousand plugins have been tested with WordPress 5.8

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Top 12 – 16th June 2021

On the 16th June 2021 there were 58,718 plugins in the plugin repository.

  • Wordfence has reached 200 million downloads.
  • All-In-One WP Migration has entered the chart at 12, replacing Updraftplus
  • 14 plugins have reached 50 million total downloads.
  • 118 plugins already say they’ve been tested with WordPress 5.8.

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Top 12 – 21st April 2021

Here’s the latest extract of plugins for 21st April 2021.

  • There have been no movements in this month’s top 12 chart.
  • 217 plugins added this month.
  • 7,800 plugins have been tested with WordPress 5.7
  • 39 say they’ve been tested with WordPress 5.8. Not a good idea, as WordPress won’t update these plugins if they’re changed.
  • The star rating of 2 of 5 is the least popular rating, given to only 2% of all plugins that have been rated.

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Top 12 – 17th March 2021

On the 17th March 2021 there were 58,524 plugins on but the WordPress plugins page only reported 58,055.

Some changes in the top 12 chart…

  • Really Simple SSL has come in at number 11. Up 3 from 14.
  • Pushing All in one WP Migration off the chart.
  • Elementor’s fast approaching 100 million total downloads.
  • Four and a half thousand plugins have been tested with WordPress 5.7, released on 9th March.

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Yoast SEO – 300 million downloads

The total downloads of Yoast SEO ( aka WordPress SEO ) just exceeded 300 million. That’s over 70 million dowloads in the last 12 months.

  • 70 million downloads in a year is an enormous figure.
    • Only 10 plugins have achieved 70 million in total.
  • Yoast SEO’s average downloads a month is 5.8 million.
    • Only 111 plugins of 58,434 have achieved that figure in their lifetime .
  • Per day that’s just over 190 thousand.
    • 1885 plugins have achieved this total in their lifetime.
    • 95% of all plugins haven’t reached this figure.

Here’s last year.

It’s pretty amazing really. Here are the last few days. Note the big spike today – version 15.8 was released 11 hours ago. Downloads so far today are 1.2 million.

Five billion plugin downloads!

A short while ago, the total number of plugin downloads from exceeded 5 BILLION.

Herb Miller – reporting on output from wp-top12 – 24th January 2021

Since mid October 2019, I’ve been extracting information from in order to find the top 12 most downloaded plugins.

The figure’s been approaching 5 billion a few days now. In my most recent extract the total download for 58,370 plugins was 5,000,078,534.

Here’s a chart of the history.

Total plugin downloads history

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