Five billion plugin downloads!

A short while ago, the total number of plugin downloads from exceeded 5 BILLION.

Herb Miller – reporting on output from wp-top12 – 24th January 2021

Since mid October 2019, I’ve been extracting information from in order to find the top 12 most downloaded plugins.

The figure’s been approaching 5 billion a few days now. In my most recent extract the total download for 58,370 plugins was 5,000,078,534.

Here’s a chart of the history.

Total plugin downloads history

That’s an average of 3.2 million downloads per day.

Total plugins since Oct 2019

And here’s the total number of plugins in recent months.

In 2020 there were approximately 8 new plugins added to the repository per day.

Calculated from chart data below.

The above figures were extracted mid month – just before the WordPress Portsmouth Meetup. The extraction and reporting process is implemented in bobbingwide/wp-top12.

Countup to 5 billion

These charts are being displayed by my new Chart plugin ( sb-chart-block ) I haven’t written logic for a Date based x-axis, so this’ll have to do.