FSE and Bundled themes total downloads

31 themes on wordpress.org are tagged as Full Site Editing (FSE) . This chart shows the total downloads for each theme as of 13th December 2021.

FSE themes total downloads

Bundled themes total downloads

Compare this to the total downloads of the themes that have been bundled with WordPress over the last 12 years.


  • WordPress.org doesn’t make it easy to find the total downloads of themes.
  • Using the theme’s slug you can access the information using the theme’s API.
  • It would take quite a bit of time to individually extract the information for 9061 themes.
  • So I’ve stuck to the FSE themes and the Twenty something bundled themes.
  • There wasn’t a Twenty Eighteen
  • Twenty Twenty Two is not yet available from wordpress.org
  • The code to extract this information is part of WP-top12 plugin. bobbingwide/wp-top12