Yoast SEO – 400 million downloads

The total downloads of Yoast SEO ( aka WordPress SEO ) just exceeded 400 million. That’s just under 100 million dowloads in the last 12 months.

98 million downloads in a year is an enormous figure.

  • Only 8 plugins have achieved 98 million in total.
    • Only 99 plugins have reached 10 million total downloads.
  • Yoast SEO’s average downloads a month is over 8 million.
    • Only 110 plugins of 59,503 have achieved that figure in their lifetime.
  • Per day that’s just over 268 thousand.
    • 1666 plugins have achieved this total in their lifetime.
    • 98% of all plugins haven’t reached this figure.

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Top 12 – 15th February 2022

For my second report of 2022, we see that Yoast SEO ( wordpress-seo ) is fast approaching 400 million downloads. There’ve been two releases of the plugin since my report in January. With 5 million active installs, that’s just over 2 million downloads on the release day. See Yoast SEO > Advanced View.

The vast majority of plugins don’t reach that figure in a lifetime. Only 98 plugins have reached 10 million downloads, of which 8 have topped 100 million.

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