FSE theme statistics – see blocks.wp-a2z.org/category/fse

In the future FSE theme statistics for Full Site Editing themes on wordpress.org will be published under the FSE category in blocks.wp-a2z.org

Brief history

I started producing statistics for FSE theme in December 2021 when I published FSE and Bundled themes total downloads. There were 31 themes then. In early January there were 42 FSE themes. On the 15th Feb this had increased by 5 to 47. In FSE theme statistics – 15th Feb 2022 I added three new charts to the statistics: Grouped by total downloads, FSE theme count, and Last updated / created. My report in mid March covered 53 themes.

In early April I published reports on both this site and blocks.wp-a2z.org

There are now 64 FSE themes to choose from. Since there’s more information about the FSE themes on blocks.wp-a2z.org I’m going to continue to publish the statistics on that site, with blog posts categorised as FSE.

I’ve published today’s charts on blocks.wp-a2z.org.

I’ll probably clone a couple of the earlier posts from this site as well.