10 billion downloads: downloads and plugin count history – Oct 2019 to Feb 2024

10 billion total downloads of active plugins from wordpress.org reached early this morning, 16th February 2024

Herb Miller @bobbingwide

In January 2021 the total number of downloads of plugins from wordpress.org reached 5 billion. Since then I’ve been regularly reporting the total downloads and plugins. Here are two charts that show the Total plugin downloads history and Total plugins since October 2019.

Can we predict

  • when the total downloads will reach 10 billion?
  • or when the total available plugins reaches 60,000 again?

Total plugin downloads history

Total plugins since October 2019

  • In 2020 there were approximately 8 new plugins added to the repository per day.
  • In 2023 more plugins were removed than added; 598 down since 5th Jan.
  • In December, there was a plugin review backlog of 820 plugins, which could easily bring the total backup above the 60K line.
  • In Feb 2024, the backlog has reduced to 301 plugins…
  • But the total only increased by 205.
  • What happened to the rest; have 314 really gone missing?

Regarding the predictions… You’ll see my guestimates on the charts:

In December 2023, I guessed 20th February and 31st March.

Now, 12th Feb 2024, my guesses are 15th or 16th February, and 15th April.

Today, 16th February, I don’t need to guess when 10 billion total downloads of active plugin will be reached. It happened sometime very early this morning.